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How much is the Cooking Lesson?

The main Cooking Lesson is €139 per person. There is a discount for children between 5-12 and the price is reduced to €80. Infants under 5 go free.

How much is the Pesto Master Class?

The Persto Master Class is €75 per person. For children 5.-12 years of age rhe cost is €55. Infants under 5 are free

Do classes take place everyday?

Generally yes. Please check our 'Book Now' page to check availbility on any specific day. We are typically closed from the 15th Dec - 15th March

How do I get to the Lesson?

Full details will be sent to you when you book but the location is in Monterosso, it is uphill so generally you are collected from Monterosso Centre, if you are driving we will send you full directions.

What time do the Lessons start?

Our Cooking Class starts around 10.15am - 10.30am with the pick up at 10am. Pesto Master Class starts at 5.15 - 5.30pm with pick up at 5pm

Do you cater for Allergies?

Yes, we will always try to accomodate those with food allergies. You must however inform us at the time of the booking.

Do you offer Private Lessons?

Yes. But you will need to contact us by email. Typically you will need to pay a little extra if we are unable to fill other spaces in the group.

Do you cater for Celebrations?

Yes. We cater for Celebrations including Anniversaries, Weddings and Birthdays. If you would like us to make a special cake then let us know. We can accommodate you but our cakes are home made so we need time and we will need to charge a small fee.

Are the Lessons hands on?

Yes. Most definitly. You will need to wash your hands too!

Are children welcome?

Yes absolutely, our activities are fun days for all ages. Chidlren aged 5 -12 receive a discount. Infants under 5 are free.

Is the Cooking School accessible from the other villages?

Yes. All the villages are connnected by a very short journey, these inculde Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, Riommaggiore and also not far from Levanto, La Spezia, Deva Marina and Sestri Levanti, Rappallo. Trains are frequent from all of these villages.

Do you have offer accommodation

Yes we are able to offer a Hotel service or we have access to local Apartments owners, just let us know your requirements.

How long are the lessons?

The full cooking class is around three hours of hands on food preperation and then approximately two hours eating and socialising. You need not stay the whole time if you do not wish to. The Pesto Master Class is around one hour hands on preperation and then one hour or more to socialise and eat. You are not rushed, you can stay and enjoy the evening.

Can I book for someone else?

We do offer Gift Vouchers, this would be the best solution.

Do you offer a Gluten Free Option?

Yes absulotely, just let us know when booking, add the details to the 'Allergy' section

Can I walk or hike to the lesson?

Yes abolsutely. There is a tremendous trail up to the Cooking School location. This might not suitable for young children however.

Can I drive and can I park at the lesson?

Yes and Yes. We offer free parking at the Cooking School location. Full details will be sent to you when booking. If you do not want to be collected from Montersosso centre then please let us know you will make your own way.

Are there trains to the location?

Trains run regularly in both directions and they do stop at Monterosso, visit for further details about train times.



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